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Ayehuasca Saddle (Black)

$250.00 / Sold Out

A beautiful free flowing hand tooled one of a kind design. Inspired by drawings, paintings and verbal storytelling of ayehuasca visions)))

Measurements: 11.5" (Longest)
6.75" (Widest)

Frame: Vintage Brooks B-17 Standard, natural steel.

Leather: Top Quality, Thick, Cut with the grain. Dark Black stain.

Our saddles are hand cut, formed, tooled, stained, burnished and assembled in Oakland, Ca. USA

This saddle is of Medium/Hard stiffness and will wear in perfectly with part time or daily use.

Stainless stainless steel hex style mini bolts are used to affix the saddle to the frame. Set flush with the saddle leather. Stronger than rivets and will not corrode or interact with the leather in any harmful way.

Each saddle is conditioned with our own special leather conditioner which contains locally harvested bees wax. For easy care and longevity of our saddles we recommend only using O/M leather conditioner, available in our shop.

Each saddle arrives to you in it's own O/M hand printed cloth bag.
The bag is weather treated and can be used to keep your saddle dry and out of unwanted attention while parked.

*Price includes Priority Shipping in the USA.

For more information about our products and to watch a video of the saddle making process, please visit our website at: