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Lucifer Saddle


No, we are not Satanists but we do think Lucifer is pretty bad ass, thus making a custom saddle with his imagery seemed fitting.
This saddle is a Dark Brown stained leather hung on a vintage B-17 Narrow frame. The beautiful hand tooling and embossing features the classic witchcraft depiction of Lucifer. He is seen above a sword adorned of slain kings crowns... Early medieval skull depictions on both sides of the saddle. Stars and cosmos adorn the background.
A Beautiful saddle and one able to handle even the most bad ass bike...

This is a special O/M design only! It's one of our favorites to make and looks great in tan, brown or black! Get intouch to have one custom made for you!

Available in narrow racer or wider B72 saddles sizes

Our saddles are hand cut, formed, tooled, stained, burnished and assembled in Oakland, Ca. USA

Hand hammerd large head copper rivets.

Each saddle is conditioned with our own special leather conditioner which contains locally harvested bees wax. For easy care and longevity of our saddles we recommend only using O/M leather conditioner, available in our shop.

Each saddle arrives to you in it's own O/M hand printed cloth bag.
The bag is weather treated and can be used to keep your saddle dry and out of unwanted attention while parked.

For more information about our products and to watch a video of the saddle making process, please visit our website at: