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Brooks Saddle Rehang & Refurbish


Do you have an old Brooks saddle laying around forever because its damaged or worn out but way too cool to toss out? I have alot of experience "hanging" new leather on vintage frames. I completely tear down your old saddle. I begin with polishing up the frame and hardware. I inspect & replace any parts that have been compromised, (usually just the tension bolt due to minor stripping of threads). I hang the saddle with large head copper rivets, i hand set and peen hammer the rivets to a nice rounded dome. A basic refurb includes all of the above and a dye job of tan, brown or black. I can also leave it natural which also looks great. The thick 12oz leather is burnished and conditioned. I also offer a full range of customization options for your saddle. A simple border along the edge can be added for just $20. Additional tooling and your company or bike club logo etc can also be embossed into the top or sides for an additional charge. Please feel free to ask about any cosmetic upgrades. This purchase button is for a basic rehang/dye with customer supplied used saddle.