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Lucifer Saddle


No, we are not Satanists but we do think Lucifer is pretty bad ass, thus making a custom saddle with his imagery seemed fitting. It is one of a kind. Currently SOLD OUT but one can be made just for you (2 week turn around) *please note we no longer do the kings sword down the middle at this price. for an additional $25 it can be tooled in...

Frame: Vintage Brooks of your model choice.

Leather top: High grade 12oz leather cut with the grain for optimal strength.
*Our saddles are hand cut, formed, tooled, stained, burnished and assembled in Fort Bragg, CA. USA

Hand hammered large head copper rivets are used to affix the saddle to the frame, set flush with the saddle leather.

Each saddle is conditioned with our own special leather conditioner which contains locally harvested bees wax. .

*Don't see a design that suits you? we can custom make a saddle with nearly any image or motif you can think of, get in touch with your ideas)))

For more information about our process, please view the video on our "About" page.