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O/M Leather Working Apprenticeship Program

$900.00 / On Sale

O/M Leather Working Apprenticeship Program:

Greetings fellow creatives))) Wanting to create beautiful leatherwork for personal use or for a business? Hone your already established leather working skill sets and push your creative and artistic ideas? Augment your financial income with a beautiful craft that is fun, expressive and lucrative?

I can help. I am currently accepting participants for 3 day & 1 week long apprenticeship programs here on the beautiful Northern California Coast.
I can teach you what i know about this beautiful lost art and craft.

We will jump in depending on where your skill set already stands. If a total newbie, no problem! We will start with selecting leathers to use for projects and decide what tools are called for it. We will cover leather prep, selection, how to properly cut, skive, tool, burnish, stain, paint, resist, dye and condition your finished product. You can come with a project or idea concept you want to materialize and we can take it from idea to materialized item(s). One of my specialties is bicycle saddles, something pretty much no one is doing with a steep learning curve of which i have perfected over my years of creating them. I can show you the full process of how they are made and the special shop set up you need to put them together from A-Z on your own. We can cover knife sheaths, belts, bracelets and nearly any type of leather project you want to make. Also very important here is HOW TO TOOL leather! There are many leather workers that know how to assemble and create leather pieces but do not know how to take them to the next level with tooled/carved adornments. This is really where your work will shine amongst the rest. Are you a knife maker? this can push your steel products above and beyond. Tattoo artist, sculptor, painter? your current skills will assist you right from day one. I can show you tooling tricks and techniques and how to properly transform a simple drawing into a detailed precise work of art. This is a dying art form and something you can apply to nearly any kind of leatherwork.

Having these new skill sets can help you both create a new income and creative outlet OR help expand your current abilities to be able to offer more and most importantly better made beautiful products!

We can visit a leather supply warehouse and go over selecting the correct and best leather for the projects you want to make.

You will leave with finished product(s), a new and better understanding of the craft and new skill sets for pushing your ideas to the next level)))

The apprenticeship would take place here in Fort Bragg, you would be camping on our beautiful sea side property on our 2 acre meadow with our bees, flowers, fruit trees and ocean waves. Due to our wonderful location we can also side step the day with beautiful nature hikes in the redwoods, mushroom hunting, bee stewarding, river canoeing, dune exploration and more… I have a wide understanding of the surrounding natural environment and would be happy to share this knowledge as well.

If learning a crafts trade not taught in any of our schools or colleges anymore and expressing your creativity in your own unique way to generate income and expression sounds good to you, then this apprenticeship is exactly what you have been looking for. The unique understanding you will receive will pay itself back to you many times over and create opportunities and establish relationships with friends and strangers worldwide, i can attest to this personally and having implemented this knowledge, i have made beautiful work and relationships that will serve me for many years to come. I want this for you too! I personally invite anyone with creative passion, respective living and desire to learn and create to my magical world, to expand yourself as a likeminded and humble artist, to help adorn our world with beautiful handmade and expressive creations in leather working)))

1 week apprenticeship program is $1,500.00 (recommended)
Intensive 3 Day Program is $900.00
Covers materials and usage of all tools both manual and mechanical.
knowledge to establish and empower your current leather working skill set no matter what level, beginning or professional.
Pick up and drop off to/from Santa Rosa or Bay Area airports.
Supplied tent and blankets as well as access to all bathroom and kitchen amenities.
1 meal a day, usually breakfast or dinner.
A meaningful experience to mark your lifeline with!

Please contact me, Billy Sprague to apply and discuss your ideas and set up a time frame that works for us both.

Thank you, -Billy
(510) 316-1386 or use the contact email button to reach out)))